The eBooking Library benefits both the customer and the work place

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Advantages of the booking and booking management application for client computers

eBooking Library is aimed at libraries and other actors who provide access to client computers

The eBooking Library –application provided by DP-Group:

  • Allows the customer to book and use the customer terminal as a self-service.
  • Enhances customers' ability to plan their time with advance booking possibilities of multiple weeks.
  • Frees time for professionals to carry out more important tasks with routine work being transferred to the computer system.
  • Improves the utilization rate of client computers compared to the manual system.
  • Enables impartial and undisputed distribution of computers as they are reserved and controlled by the computer system. This is often a way of ensuring a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Enables better control of the computers with the help of IT and decisively better investigation opportunities in situations involving misuse.
  • Generates various statistics for the library's own use and for reporting to the authorities.

Please also have a look at our product presentations and customers who are already using our application. We would be happy to also offer our client computer booking and booking management program to your library or other work place.

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